The Strider-class is a small warship designed by Plaz and built by the PlazWorks subsidiary of the Dominion of Trident, which is designed to be a raid and patrol vessel. Its thin frame and powerful spinal mounted Plasma beam banks make it effective at cutting through hull quickly and with ease.

Description Edit

The ship was designed at the newly reforged Vergesso shipyards, after a year of waiting, the shipyards were finally brought back online. The Strider was a simple yet effective idea to create a vessel that can be fielded in small strikeforces to cover large areas of space efficiently. 

The design was inspired by Trinova design, though no engineers were tasked from them to assist in its construction. Though the somewhat simple design was made to look good, it also has a functional purpose as well. The long front section is designed to absorb the incoming damage from enemy fire once the shield is down and protect the reactor and crew from incoming fire as the front of the hull is destroyed, allowing the core to be recovered by reclamation teams after a battle. 

The interior is designed to house a crew of 2 for long term missions, but the ships max required crew to operate is 4 (crew taking shifts for 24 hour operation) the large majority of the ship is run by onboard computer systems and auto repair functions, designed to make operation of the ship even more efficient.

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Usage Edit

The Strider-class has, in addition to it's primary role of raiding, been used in the following roles:

  • Drone ship
  • Light defence
  • Patrol vessel
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