The Lucia-class was a modern design of light destroyer designed by Plaz and previously operated by Trident Foundries.

Description Edit

The Lucia-class was based on the design of the older Eris-class Destroyer but modified heavily to feature a massive axial phase cannon emitter tuned specifically to disrupt enemy shield frequencies. It also featured a pair of heavy plasma cannons.

History Edit

2316 Edit

The Lucia-class was constructed to originally become an ion frigate, rather than the destroyer it ended up becoming. Mr Crazy wanted to produce a small and fast vessel with the same wedge-shaped style as the Eris-class but in a smaller package. Mr Crazy finalised the hull in November, however he noticed it was far larger than it was supposed to be.

Jake Lancia filled it anyway, and within two days the vessel was complete and ready for service.

2317 Edit

In early March, the class prototype had been constructed in the LCB Galaxies.

2318 Edit

In early January, the Lucia II-class, a complete rebuild of systems and external appearance, had replaced the original Lucia in frontline roles, and blueprints of the first Lucia were put into the StarMade Dock ship marketplace.

Usage Edit

The Lucia-class has, in addition to its primary role as light destroyer, been used in the following roles:

  • Siege vessel
  • Assault
  • Fleet support
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